TAX Office

Key Features

  1. Errors and Warning while finalising Return/XML
  2. Revised Schedule VI Balance Sheet and P&L Account with Notes
  3. PAN Validation
  4. Intuitive income tax interface for data entry.
  5. View Summary as you enter income details. No scrolling.
  6. Track no of Tax Audit signed by each Proprietor/Partner for each FY
  7. Import Premise Details from CBEC. Complete Service Tax e-Returns.

Key Utilities

  1. Excel import of ledgers
  2. Excel import from Tally
  3. Export to Saral XBRL Utility
  4. Export key ratio’s/information to Tax audit report
  5. Export Balance Sheet and P&L Details to Income Tax BS and PL Schedule

Income TAX

Key Features

  1. Simple but Comprehensive Assessee Master with ability to track work status & eReturn status
  2. Bulk filing Income TAX Return with E-Return Intermediary
  3. Auto computation of Incomes for all Assessee status with Advance Tax Estimation
  4. Accurate and ready Tax Meter giving whole Income and Tax Payable details in just one glance covering all heads of Income
  5. Pay Advance Tax, Self Assessment Tax online through ePayment
  6. Download ITR-V acknowledgment, know ITR e-Filing Process Status, check ITR-V Receipt Status and Refund Status with just a click
  7. Upload Rectification request and Rectification Status check
  8. Advanced Comprehensive Computation report & customizable MIS Report
  9. Audit Report with Suggested answers
  10. In-built Billing module to raise Invoices to Assessee

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